2023 Terms and Conditions (Preview)


Please review our Rental Agreement below before finalizing your reservation. A signable version will be emailed to you shortly after your booking is completed. If you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions, please call a reservationist at (706) 878-3535.


This agreement constitutes a contract between the Guest(s) and Cabin Rentals of Helen (CROH), as the manager for the property owner. Guest(s) hereby understands and agrees that this rental agreement is non-negotiable. Terms and conditions may change without prior notice.


All digital pages of the Guest Rental Agreement and Credit Card Authorization Form must be completed and submitted online within (72) hours of confirmation email in order to complete your reservation. You may electronically fill out, sign and submit documents from any device.


ALL cancellations must be completed in writing (email, fax or certified mail). Cancellations are not confirmed until Guest(s) receives written approval from Cabin Rentals of Helen.


1. Any Cancellation outside of the 15-day window (15 days or more prior to your arrival date) of the check in date will result in a credit to your account with Cabin Rentals of Helen. This credit can be used for a future reservation with Cabin Rentals of Helen at the same property. Prices are subject to change from the original booking amount. Any Cabin Rentals of Helen credit must be redeemed within (12) months of when the original credit was issued. CABIN RENTALS OF HELEN DOES NOT ISSUE REFUNDS BACK TO CREDIT CARDS. The cancellation policy applies to last minute bookings as well.

2. Cancellations made within (0-14) days of check in date will result in total loss of monies paid. YOU ARE LOCKED IN. NO CREDITS to CREDIT CARDS - NO REFUNDS - (PLEASE PURCHASE TRAVEL PROTECTION IF YOU THINK YOU MIGHT HAVE TO CANCEL INSIDE OF THE 15 DAY WINDOW. GENERALI INSURANCE COMPANY WILL ONLY REIMBURSE YOU FOR COVERED EVENTS SUCH AS SICKNESS, ACCIDENT, DEATH. No shows are subject to the entire rental fees. No future credits will be given for a no show or cancellation made within (0-14) days of the check in day.

3. Credit decisions may take up to (14) days to process.


Guest(s) may request to change cabin assignments (30) days before the check in date. This request may be granted based upon cabin availability and Cabin Rental of Helen approval. Cabin rates, minimum night requirements and cleaning fees may differ. Guest(s) will assume the current published nightly rate, minimum night requirements and cleaning fees for their new cabin selection. There will be a $25.00 Reservation Change Fee added to the final bill. Rescheduling of reservation dates may be allowed (15) days before the check in date. Guest(s) stay is rescheduled to the same property without loss of prepayment. Guest(s) will assume the published nightly rate, minimum night requirements and cleaning fees in relation to the revised date requested. This is at sole discretion of Cabin Rentals of Helen. No rescheduling shall be allowed within (15) days of the check in date. All above requests to change cabins or reschedule dates are based upon availability. Guest(s) will assume any nightly rate changes, minimum night requirements and cleaning fee differences. All final decisions are at the discretion of Cabin Rental of Helen Management.


The North Georgia Mountain weather can be unpredictable. Therefore, CROH offers Travel Insurance (see section 4). It is the Guest(s) responsibility to monitor the weather and road condition prior to the arrival and during the Guest(s) stay. Road conditions can change rapidly and can become impassable at any time and remain impassable for any length of time. Guest(s) may contact the CROH to inquire about weather and road conditions but may not hold CROH responsible for any weather and road condition predictions. If weather conditions affect the Guest(s) departure date, it is the sole discretion of CROH to extend that reservation. If extension is approved, Guest(s) will assume the additional nightly rate and fees. Guest(s) will also abide by the checkout procedure. Guest(s) checking in or out of a property during inclement weather, understands that they are proceeding at their own risk and should make appropriate arrangements. In case of impassable roads, CROH will try to accommodate Guest(s) with another cabin of similar type, based upon availability and not guaranteed. Please make sure you are prepared and purchase all supplies needed in case of any potential storm type impacts (flashlights, matches, batteries, extra nonperishable foods, bottled water, toilet paper, paper towels, medicines etc.). CROH and the individual property owners will not be responsible for maintaining the conditions of roads, decks and driveways in the event of snow, ice, rain, erosion or any other effects of weather-related conditions. The Guest(s) agrees to take full responsibility for their safety as well as the passengers in their vehicles. The Guest(s) also understands and assumes the sole responsibility of traveling in inclement weather which may result in loss of property, damage to property and be potentially life threatening.


Upon Guest(s) request/while booking a reservation, a GENERALI TRAVEL INSURANCE policy may be purchased from CROH. This policy may cover any monies lost based on coverage provided. The option to purchase this travel insurance policy must be exercised no later than when the final balance due date for the reservation or fifteen (15) days prior to arrival date.


In lieu of a security deposit, Cabin Rentals of Helen charges a fee for an accidental rental damage waiver. This fee and the related terms,conditions, and waiver amounts are set forth on the Book Now details of the webpage and the checkout webpage and are incorporated into this Agreement. Any damage to the Vacation Rental must be reported to CROH before check-out. You agree damage not covered by, or exceeding the limit of, the accidental rental damage waiver is your full responsibility. This may include damage or loss occurring during your stay, violations of house rules or policies, additional cleaning fees, and/or any fines or other costs incurred by the behavior of you or any other occupant during your stay in violation of laws or other regulations. You grant CROH the right to charge the credit card number used to book the Vacation Rental for any such damages, including, but not limited to, additional cleaning fees. To ensure that the proper party is held responsible, please notify CROH of any damage found at check-in.

The Damage Protection Fee varies based upon each property. These fees are non-refundable and added to every reservation. A $65 DPF covers up to $250 in damages, $90 DPF covers up to $500 in damage and $100 DPF covers up to $700 dollars in damages. This is only applicable if the damages are reported at the time of the incident. (Up to a maximum benefit of $750.00). The Damage Protection Fee does not include or cover any damages to linens. All linens that are damaged are subject to be charged to the guest. Please see the linen section below.


In order to reserve a property, you must pay half of the reservation total as a down payment at the time of reservation. This money is a payment toward the entire rental amount. This is a down payment and is not related in any way to a security deposit. Please see the Security Deposit section above. The remaining balance of the rental shall be paid no later than (15) days prior to the first day of check in. The balance due will be automatically charged and processed on the credit card on file, unless prior arrangements have been documented on your reservation. It is the guest(s) responsibility to inform Cabin Rentals of Helen, if alternate credit cards are to be used for the final payment. Once the final balance has been charged to a credit card, no refunds or rate reductions can be applied. Cabin Rentals of Helen accepts Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card. For SECURITY reasons, a credit card authorization form documenting a valid credit card will be required to check in to any cabin managed by Cabin Rentals of Helen. Regardless of how the potential guest(s) makes their reservation (AirBNB, VRBO or Travel Agent), Cabin Rentals of Helen reserves the right to allow guest(s) access to the reserved cabin. If the proper credit card authorization form has not been completed, access to the reserved cabin will not be approved.


Guest(s) must contact the office of Cabin Rentals of Helen as soon as possible in order to extend the Guest(s) stay. Approving the extension is based upon availability and the current published rate will apply to any additional nights requested. Extended nightly rates may be higher than the original stay/reservation. No promotional codes or discounts can be applied to extended nights.


Nightly rates and minimum night stays are shown on each individual property listing. These rates do not include any taxes, cleaning or other fees. Nightly Rates are subject to change without notice. The rate will be locked in once the Guest(s) receives an email confirming their reservation, submits the signed rental agreement and credit card authorization form to Cabin Rentals of Helen. Any alterations to the original reservation made by the guest(s) may affect the original rate.

Cabin Rentals of Helen may offer various promotions throughout the year. These specials are offered at the discretion of Cabin Rentals of Helen and may be adjusted by CROH at any time. Once a guest(s) has completed a booking using the available promotion code, the reservation may not be changed. Any available promotional rate must be applied BEFORE the credit card is charged. Please remember, no rate adjustments or refunds will be adjusted after the credit card has been processed.


Check Out Time Is Strictly 11:00am. Please be aware, cleaning and maintenance crews are waiting for guest(s) to leave the property in a timely manner so they can prepare the cabin for the next guest checking in at 4:00pm. It is the guest(s) responsibility to depart the cabin in accordance with the check out instructions listed in each property. Key must be in the lockbox before the guest(s) leaves the property. A lost key penalty fee will be applied to the credit card, if the key is missing. Late checks outs are only approved by Cabin Rentals of Helen Management. Late check out fees may apply. Approvals will be documented in writing via email. Requests are not guaranteed and are based upon availability. Guest(s) must make their request between the hours of 9:00am-5:00pm Monday Thru Friday. Denial of a late check out does not justify a reduced rate,credit or refund. There will be a $50 penalty charged, every half hour a guest(s) remains on property past 11:00 AM. Check In Time Is 4:00pm Cabin Rentals of Helen will use every possible resource to ensure that the property reserved is available by the standard 4:00pm check in time. However, the 4:00pm check in time is not a guarantee. Due to unforeseen possible interruptions, Cabin Rentals of Helen cannot guarantee the exact time of occupancy. Cabin Rentals of Helen will do its best to call impending guest(s) as a courtesy of the check in time may vary from 4:00pm. No concessions, rate reductions,credits or refunds will be made for postponed occupancy due to conflicts that are out of Cabin Rentals of Helen’s control. Earlycheck-ins are only approved by Cabin Rentals of Helen Management. Early Check In fees may apply. Approvals will be documented in writing via email. Requests are not guaranteed and are based upon availability. Guest(s) must make their request between the hours of 9:00am-5:00pm Monday Thru Friday. Denial of an early check in does not justify a reduced rate,credit or refund. To ensure the health and safety of all of CROH’s guest(s) and staff, guest(s) must not check in to the property until the property is ready to be occupied. Any guest(s) who gain access to a property before 4:00pm without written consent of Cabin Rentals of Helen will be charged one half of the first nightly rental as a penalty.


All properties managed by Cabin Rentals of Helen are advertised to hold a maximum number of people to include adults and children. Linens and toiletries provided are based upon the maximum occupancy listed on the property details. Occupancy Limits are strictly enforced to protect the safety of our guests and shield the property from damage. NO HOUSE PARTIES ALLOWED. Any guest(s) in violation of this policy shall be forced to leave the property immediately and all monies paid will be forfeited. A Visitor of the guest(s) may be allowed to occupy the property on a temporary basis. A visitor is considered a person not on the overnight guest list. Visitors may not occupy the property beyond 10:00pm. If a visitor does stay overnight, Cabin Rentals of Helen must be notified immediately. The visitor will be added to the guest list and additional fee may apply. All guests occupying the property will be required to be listed on the rental agreement along with vehicle information and tag number.


We have some properties that are designated "Pet Friendly''. This option is stated on the cabin profile and is possible with a non-refundable pet fee of $150.00. This fee covers up to two (2) pets with a MAX weight per pet of 50 lbs. Larger dogs must be approved by management. Pets cannot be left in a cabin unattended unless crated. $250 FINE IF PETS ARE NOT REGISTERED!!!!! - YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE

No other pets are allowed into our Pet Friendly cabins. If the cabin is not Pet Friendly, you cannot bring a dog or any other pet with you. If we have proof that you’ve had a dog(s) in your cabin which has not been registered and paid for, or in a cabin that is NOT pet-friendly, you will be charged $250 for each dog. Dogs must be house trained and clean. Dogs are not allowed in the beds or on any furniture located inside of the property. This includes Couches and Chairs. If excessive pet hair is found on any furniture, guests will be billed for the cleaning of the furniture. All pets must be IN A CRATE if left alone in the cabin. If we have to clean up behind your dog(s) after your departure (waste, excess hair, excess slobber, etc) you may be charged an extra cleaning fee.

Cabin Rentals Of Helen reserves the right to charge its customers if a pet causes damage or cleaning complications. Pets are not allowed on the furniture. Guests agree to pay all additional cleaning fees if pet hair causes a delay in cleaning services. Pets must be completely housebroken, well behaved and pest free.

Guests agree that they will not use any linens or towels for their pets.
Guests further agree to clean up all of their pet's waste from the grounds. Guest(s) must bring their own crates. Guest(s) are responsible for the actions of their pets and all damages that may arise from having a pet on the property. CROH, managers, nor home owners assume any responsibility or liability for Guest(s) pets. 


With a Service Animal, any property is available. The same pet rules will apply to service animals. You can view our properties on our website and choose which property would best accommodate you and your group. You can book online or call the office to have a representative assist you. "Service Animals"means any animal trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of any individual with a disability. Pets providing emotional support,wellbeing,comfort or companionship are not recognized as a service animal under the ADA regulations. For guest(s) who require a service animal, please send Cabin Rentals of Helen the service animal’s current shot records and proof of flea preventative as a courtesy to property owners. Guest(s) are responsible for the actions of their service animal and any damages that may arise from having a service animal on property. Cabin Rentals of Helen, CROH Staff nor homeowners assume any responsibility or liability for guest(s) service animals.


If a property becomes unavailable prior to guest check in, outside of Cabin Rental of Helen’s control or prior knowledge due to termination from the rental program,major mechanical failure or loss, loss of utility.Management shall have the right to move the guest(s) to a different property that is comparable to the originally reserved property. If no comparable property is available, CROH management can offer to reschedule to another date, or issue a credit towards (amount the guest has paid) another rental property. The guest(s) credit must be used within (12) months of the issue date. Cabin Rentals of Helen shall have the sole right to move guest(s) to another property as long as the relocation accommodates the number of guest(s) listed on The Rental Agreement. The above is in relation to unforeseen circumstances out of the control of Cabin Rentals of Helen Management


All the properties are privately owned and have different subscriptions for TV services. Some properties only offer smart tvs and guest(s) will have to log in using their own personal streaming subscriptions. Other properties will offer DirectTV or Dish Network. Some Netflix only. Cabin Rentals of Helen does not guarantee any TV programs or events. It is the guest(s) responsibility to know and accept what TV services the cabin they are reserving offers before check in. No discounted rate, refund or credits will be offered due to a guest(s) being disappointed with the cabin’s TV offerings. Guest(s) will be charged for any Pay Per View Movie or On Demand option that requires an additional fee. These transactions do show on owners billing statements by time and day of when charges incur. All properties are privately owned, furnished and equipped by the Owner of the property. As such, Cabin Rentals of Helen Management,cannot make changes to any furnishing or equipment in the property without prior consent of the owner. Please assume you will need to bring your own hair dryer. Your cabin will be inspected prior to your arrival to make sure mechanical and non-mechanical items are working. If something is not working, please call us at 1 888-451-0651. Cabin Rentals of Helen will attempt to replace or repair this item expeditiously.

If a guest(s) requires a special appliance or equipment it is the guest(s) responsibility to either bring it with them or let CROH know (14) days prior to the first day of check in. This is a request, if CROH can oblige, the guest(s) will be responsible for the cost of the item and billed to their account. Travel time and service fees may apply. A property may have a locked space that is for private use. This inventoried space, these items are not included with the guest(s) rental of any property. Guest(s) agrees not to tamper with locked areas. In the event a locked area is tampered with, the guest(s) shall be fined a minimum of $500.00 and any additional items that may be broken or missing from the locked area will be billed to the guest(s) as well. All property information and property listings are believed to be accurate and true. Cabin Rentals of Helen Management has made every attempt to ensure that an item listed is indeed at the property and in good working order. The possibility of errors and omissions do exist. If you have a question about a property's contents, please feel free to contact the office of CROH and inquire. If an item is missing at guest(s) arrival, or is not in good working order, please contact the office of CROH immediately. Management will do everything possible to resolve the issue in a timely manne


Some properties are equipped with games, gaming tables and electronic gaming devices for the guest(s) enjoyment. It is the guest(s) responsibility to ensure that all pieces and gaming equipment are in good working order upon the guest(s) departure. All games are to be returned back to their respectful place in the property. Some of our cabins have pool tables. There will be a $25.00 replacement fee for damaged pool sticks. A $400.00 penalty will be charged to the guest(s) for damage to the table felt. Please be very careful when playing pool,so other guest(s) may enjoy the game as well.


For added safety, security and property protection; some vacation rental properties may have surveillance equipment installed. Such video/audio devices will be legally installed in very limited exterior locations. We will make every attempt to ensure Areas under surveillance are clearly disclosed and marked in such a way to protect your privacy. Cabin Rentals of Helen does not monitor or manage surveillance equipment.


Guest(s) will be provided a phone number for any issues that they may have regarding the property during their stay. This number can be used for after hour emergencies, questions or issues that may arise while guest(s) are occupying the property. For emergencies regarding the health and safety of guest(s),call 911. Cabin Rentals of Helen reserves the right to decide what is an emergency regarding the property. If your request is deemed a non-emergency, the resolution will be forwarded to the office of CROH on the next business day. All emergencies will be addressed in a prompt manner and with thorough care. If a guest(s) calls and does not get an answer, the guest(s) should leave a message. It is typical to have inconsistent cellular service in the North Georgia Mountains. The on call personnel will call back once cell service resumes. Guest(s) must report any inoperative or broken equipment to the CROH office between the hours of 9:00am-5:00pm Monday thru Friday. Management will make every attempt to repair damaged items on the same day. In the event that the repair request is in “after hours'', management will make every effort to have repairs completed in an efficient manner. CROH does reserve the right to move the guest(s) to another property in the event the Manager, sub-contractor cannot fix the item within the guest(s) reservation time period. Guest(s) understands and agrees the Right of Entry For Manager,staff, subcontractor or any repair personnel shall be granted by guest(s) at any reasonable time in order to make necessary repairs. Guest(s) understand the CROH cannot guarantee against mechanical failure of heating, air conditions, hot tubs, TV’s, TV accessories,satellite receivers, VCRs or other appliances or systems. Should a repair technician respond to a cabin and find that the equipment is in working order and the issue was due to the guest(s) oversight or neglect, the service fee will be billed to the guest(s) account. The minimum service fee during business hours is $25.00, after hours $50.00.


One set of keys will be available for guest(s) to gain access to reserved property. One additional set of keys may be requested (14) days prior to the first day of check in. Keys will only be given to the name on reservation (reservation holder). All property keys are kept in a lock box on property. All keys must remain on property at all times. If guest(s) leaves property, the key must be placed in the provided lock box before leaving. The CROH properties are all individually owned. The guest(s) are responsible for lost,misplaced or stolen keys. The property must be re-keyed in the event key(s) are not returned for any reason. The guest(s) will be financially responsible for the property rekey fees. In the event a guest(s) is locked out of the property, a key can be borrowed by coming to the Cabin Rentals of Helen office. After business hours, the guest(s) must call Cabin Rentals of Helen emergency number. A representative will assist by providing a spare key. A charge of $75.00 is payable for obtaining a spare key after hours.


Most properties are equipped with a landline telephone. Properties are not obligated to offer a telephone land line. It is the guest(s) responsibility to verify at time of reservation what type of telephone and internet the property offers. No long-distance calls can be made from the rental property’s phone. Here in the North Georgia Mountains, cellular service is not consistent, and guest(s) should expect to lose cell phone connections. No rate reductions, credits or refunds will be offered due telephone, cell phone connectivity issues. Some properties offer complimentary internet use. The Internet should never be used for any illegal activities. If illegal activities are found to have been used while on property, the guest(s) will be reported to the proper authorities. Cabin Rentals of Helen cannot guarantee that the internet service will work without interruptions. If the internet does become disabled, please call the office of CROH and the proper repair technicians will be contacted. There will be NO REFUNDS, RATE REDUCTIONS OR CREDITS DUE TO THE INTERNET NOT WORKING PROPERLY. ELECTRONICS & HOUSEHOLD OPERATIONS Under no circumstances should guest(s) ever unhook electronics or any other operating system in the property without the written consent of CROH Property Management. Do not adjust, attempt to re-wire, connect or disconnect any items that are in place upon guest(s) arrival. In the event the guest(s) causes any purposeful disconnection, the guest will be financially responsible for all technician service fees to resume proper connectivity.


Hot tubs are not to be used as swimming pools. They are used for relaxation purposes and not in more than (15) minute intervals. Women who are pregnant or think they may be pregnant should not use the hot tub. Children under (12) years of age, anyone with a heart condition or any other health issue should NOT be in water with temperature higher than (98) degrees for over (15) minutes. The excessive heat can cause damage to an unborn baby, collapsing of heart valves in young children, strokes and heart attacks to someone with an existing heart defect. The chemicals and excessive heat from overuse can cause skin and eye irritation, rashes, fever and ear infections. Cabin Rentals of Helen and property owners are NOT responsible for injuries, accidents, medical issues or medical bills. All guest(s) will use the hot tub at their own risk. Please use care. All hot tubs are drained, cleaned, refilled with fresh water and chemicals are used to stabilize water prior to each guest(s) arrival.

Splashing and water absorption with swim suits will cause water levels get to low and water can no longer flow into the filter area and damage will occur to the hot tub motors which can be very expensive for our guests to repair. Cabin Rentals of Helen reserves the right to charge guests for damages caused to Hot Tubs from splashing water out and any negligence caused by guests while using the Hot Tub. 

Rinse off before entry and shower after using the hot tub so hot tub will stay clean and so will you. We accept no responsibility if you end up with a rash or other chemical reactions. To use the hot tub you do so at your own risk.

Hot tub condition to be left in the same manner as it was found upon entry of the cabin. If hot tub needs to be drained, cleaned and refilled after your stay there will be a $100 charge to your credit card to get it ready for our next guests.

The cover must be in place and latched when the tub is not in use. Children under the age of (18) should not be left unattended or without adult supervision while in a hot tub. Temperature should never be placed over 104 degrees F. PETS ARE NEVER ALLOWED IN A HOT TUB OR ON CROH PROPERTIES. Do not use any kind of oil or bubble in a hot tub. In the event oil and or bubbles are found to have been used by guest(s), a $100 penalty fee will be charged to the guest account. Due to the intensive cleaning between reservations, CROH does not guarantee the hot tub water to be at any specific temperature at time of check in. CROH will make the best attempt to have hot tub water warm at time of guest arrival. Hot tubs often need to be repaired and serviced. If a hot tub is not operating properly, please call the CROH office to schedule service immediately. Cabin Rentals of Helen will schedule a technician to repair/service the hot tub in an expeditious manner. NO REFUNDS, RATE REDUCTIONS OR CREDITS WILL BE OFFERED FOR HOT TUB REPAIRS OR SERVICES REMEDIED THE SAME DAY OF REQUEST.


Indoor Gas Fireplaces are to be used as specifically designed. The imitation logs are designed and placed by manufacturers to allow the proper ventilation and gas to flame emission. Tampering with log placement, burners or pilot lights is extremely dangerous, is a MAJOR SAFETY ISSUE and could be hazardous to you and guest(s) health. ABSOLUTELY NO WOOD, FOOD, PAPER OR ANY OTHER MATERIALS ARE ALLOWED TO BE BURNED IN A GAS FIREPLACE. EVIDENCE OF ANY MATERIALS BURNED IN A GAS FIREPLACE WILL INCUR A $250 PENALTY, BILLED TO GUEST(S) ACCOUNT.

Gas fireplaces are only operational in CROH properties during October 15th-March 31st. These are not operational during summer months. Guest(s) should never turn off the pilot light on the fireplaces. Every gas fireplace is inspected before check in to ensure the pilot light is lit and the fireplace is operational. If a guest(s) does turn off pilot light and technician is called to relight gas fireplace pilot light, guest(s) may be charged a service call fee.

Wood Burning Fireplaces are to be used at the sole responsibility of the guest(s). Before building a fire, please make sure the flue is open to allow smoke out. If you are unfamiliar with where the flue is, how to open it or do not have a general wood burning fireplace experience, please call CROH office before attempting to use the fireplace. Cabin Rentals of Helen will be more than happy to talk you through it. Always start a fire by using a small amount of wood, then build to reasonable size fire. If the guest(s) chooses to clean out ashes, please make sure they are completely cool and are properly disposed of.

NO MATERIALS OTHER THAN WOOD ARE ALLOWED IN A WOOD BURNING FIREPLACE. Wood burning fireplaces will be operational October 15th-March 31st. Only Pre-Built Outdoor Fire Pits are to be used. Guest(s) may not create a new fire pit anywhere on property. Wood is not provided for outdoor fireplaces or firepits. Guest(s) must purchase their own wood for outdoor firepits. Firewood can be found in many gas stations and grocery stores in the area. Remember to always make sure fires are extinguished properly and completely before left unattended. Fire pits cannot be used if the County has issued a “Burn Ban''. Cabin Rentals of Helen and property owners will not be responsible for any injuries or medical bills related to any incident regarding fire pit or fireplace usage.


A full supply of linens will be provided to each property prior to the arrival of the guest(s). If the guest(s) arrives at the property and proper linens are not in place, it is the guest(s) responsibility to notify CROH immediately. CROH will document the linen issue and make sure the guest(s) have linen needed. A replacement fee for any linen lost due to being misplaced, soiled beyond repair or damaged, will be charged to the guest(s) account. Linens are not covered by insurance, damage protection fee, or travel insurance. Any damage to linens will be charged to the lead guest on the reservation. These linens are of good quality and are bright white and shall have the following replacement fees not including applicable taxes:


  • Full Size Bath Towel-$17.00

  • Hand Towel - $9.00

  • Bathmats - $13.00

  • Wash Cloths - $6.00

  • Cosmetic Cloths - $6.00

  • King Sheet Set - $60.00

  • Queen Sheet Set - $55.00

  • Full Sheet Set - $45.00

  • Twin Sheet Set - $35.00

  • Pillowcase Sets - $8.00


CROH supplies every bathroom with a black makeup cloth and 2 makeup wipes. If white wash cloths are used to remove any cosmetics, guests will be responsible for the cost of replacing the damaged items. Upon your departure housekeeping will count all of the linens and place them in a linen bag. Linens include flat/fitted sheets and pillowcases and towels/washcloths per bed size. With a twin bed, 1 towel and washcloths are provided; with king, queen, and full-size beds, 4 towels and 4 washcloths are provided in the master bedroom, and 2 towels/ 2 washcloths are provided on every other bed. All full baths are supplied with 2 hand towels and 1 Bathmat. NO linen is allowed to be removed from property for any reason, used for cleaning purposes or outdoor use.


Cabin Rentals of Helen provides a courtesy “Start Up Kit” for the convenience of each guest(s) arrival. It is the guest(s) responsibility to make arrangements and purchase their own toiletries and supplies needed for the duration of their stay.

This "Start Up Kit” includes:

  • Two (2) rolls of toilet paper per bathroom

  • One (1) jumbo roll of paper towels in kitchen

  • Five (5) kitchen trash bags

  • Five (5) bathroom trash bags

  • Five (5) dishwasher detergent pods

  • One (1) small bottle of dish soap

  • Two (2) body bars of soap per full bath

  • One (1) bar of bath soap per half bath

  • Shampoo and Conditioner


These items are strictly prohibited for recreation purposes on the rental property. If any evidence is discovered that guest(s) have used fireworks, firearms or ATVs on the property, a penalty of $500.00 will be charged to the guest(s) card on file. In addition, the guest(s) will also be liable for any damages, injuries and medical expenses related to using fireworks, firearms or an ATV. ATVs should not be stored on the rental property or used on property at any time.


The guest(s) agree to hold the Cabin Rentals of Helen and the property Owners harmless against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, injuries, costs or expenses whatsoever arising from or related to your use and/or occupancy of the Vacation Rental, including, but not limited to, any claim or liability for personal injury, damage, or loss of any kind resulting from your actions or omissions, and the actions or omissions of other occupants, any hot tub incidents, or incidents relating to injuries obtained from the use of bunk beds or any other type of furniture during or relating to your stay. Cabin Rentals of Helen and the Property Owners shall not be liable for any personal injuries or damage to any goods, wares or property regardless of how such injuries or damages may be caused. Any Claims due to improper construction, maintenance or gross neglect will be secured by the required Liability Insurance of the Homeowner.


CROH has a STRICT NO SMOKING POLICY. Guest(s) are not to smoke inside any property managed by CROH. Guest(s) are permitted to smoke outside of the property however, guest(s) must dispose of any materials in ashtrays or designated areas. DO NOT SMOKE IN HOT TUBS, AROUND PROPANE GRILLS, OR PROPANE TANKS. Please remember, each property is inspected before each guest(s) arrival by Cabin Rentals of Helen Management. If Management smells or has evidence of smoking inside property, a $250.00 penalty fee will be charged to the guest(s) account.


This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia and shall be treated if this agreement was executed in the State of Georgia, and in White County. Any Claims or suits that may arise for guest(s) experience with Cabin Rentals of Helen,shall be controlled in the State of Georgia, and in White County, in the White County Superior Court. This is to be the case regardless of the guest(s) county and state of residence. Guest(s) specifically consent to jurisdiction. AGENCY DISCLOSURE Cabin Rentals of Helen serves as the agent and representative of all property Owner(s) in its rental program. CROH is acting at all times in and for the best interests of the property Owner(s).


Guest(s) hereby acknowledges the right of Cabin Rentals of Helen of any representative of CROH, has the right to enter the property at any time for inspection of property for any reason. Guest(s) must leave the key in the lock box, if they leave the property. Guest(s) will not be offered a credit, refund or rate reduction on any complaint if guest(s) refuses CROH Maintenance Staff entry. Neither Owner, CROH or Manager shall be liable for events beyond their control. No refunds, rate reductions of credits will be offered if any event arises that interferes with guest(s) stay, including to but not limited to; acts of nature, road conditions, governmental agencies, fire, labor strikes, war, inclement weather, acts of God, nuisance noise from road or noise from surrounding properties.


Any Illegal drugs and/or underage drinking is absolutely prohibited and will result in eviction and reported to the proper authorities. Kegs are not allowed on property. The local police/proper authorities will be contacted should Cabin Rentals of Helen Management have to enforce any of above-mentioned activities. House parties are strictly prohibited. Cabin Rentals of Helen property’s Quiet hours begin at 10:00 pm-9:00 am. If there are noise complaints from neighboring properties, guest(s) will be notified and be required to immediately quiet down their noise. If there is a second noise complaint the local authorities will be called and the entire guest(s) in property may be evicted immediately. No refunds, credits or rate reductions will be offered due to evictions or guest(s) asked to lower noise levels. Guest(s) shall make every attempt to maintain the property while guest(s) is in occupancy of property. If there is found to have been damage(s) caused by malice, misuse or neglect, the guest(s) shall be completely responsible for any cost associated with replacement/repair of damaged property. Moving furnishings is prohibited. Any evidence of such will result in a $125.00 penalty fee. Loss of these items, as well as damage to the property or furnishings, in excess of normal wear and tear, will be charged to the guest(s) account.


It is the guest(s) responsibility to know how many vehicles their party will bring to property reserved and know how many parking spaces the property reserved offers. Guest(s) and visitors shall only park in designated areas for each property, Guest(s) shall not park any vehicle, trailer or any other personal property in any adjoining property that is not owned by the same Owner of property that guest(s) is occupying. If there is not enough parking for guest(s) at the property, guest(s) are encouraged to find another location to park and is the guest(s) responsibility in resolving this issue. Guest(s) are prohibited to park in any portion of the yards at any property. This is due to septic tanks and underground water lines that may not be seen. Once again, it is the guest(s) responsibility to know what type of parking area is offered at the property reserved. If a guest(s) or visitor becomes stuck in a driveway, it is the guest(s) responsibility to contact a towing service. Due to the insurance coverages, CROH Management or representatives are not allowed to hook to, help push or drive a guest(s) vehicle. QUIET HOURS It is the sole responsibility of the guest(s) to adhere to Cabin Rentals of Helen’s Quiet Hours. Quiet hours begin at 10:00pm and end at 9:00am. Cabin Rentals of Helen will offer one opportunity for guest(s) to reduce noise if any complaints are made. If a second complaint is made, the local authorities will be called and this may justify guest(s) and visitor eviction. All monies paid will be surrendered. No credits, refunds or rate reductions will be offered if asked to reduce noise or for any early departures due to eviction.


Cabin Rentals of Helen Management or CROH Representative may terminate this Agreement at any time, IF guest(s) violates any of the conditions set forth herein. Upon notice of termination of the Agreement, guest(s) shall vacate the Premises immediately and forfeit all rents paid. A material breach of the Agreement, guest(s), which is in sole determinations of the Property Management, results in damage to the Premises, personal injury to guest(s) or others, a breach of the peace, a nuisance to and/or a violation of criminal law or local code, shall be ground for termination of guest(s) tenancy. Violation of any of the rules contained herein will result in IMMEDIATE EVICTION AND FORFEITURE OF RENT PAID. NO REFUNDS, RATE REDUCTIONS OR CREDITS WILL BE GIVEN DUE TO SHORTENED STAY. DENYING PAYMENTS, ADDITIONAL FEES & FINES. If Cabin Rentals of Helen Management must obtain legal advice or counsel for matters arising from payment discrepancy involving a guest(s) or vendor payment(s) such as a credit card company, Management will seek rightful payment and/or collection. If disputes are transferred from Manager’s office to a collection team and/or attorney, the guest(s) of record will become responsible for all charges proved to be their responsibility including cost of collection and/or legal services.


Occupant is obligated to abide by all of the requirements of the Rabun County ordinances, state and federal law, and such a violation of any of these rules may result in the immediate termination of the agreement and eviction from the premises, as well as potential liability for payment of fines levied.


Some properties in CROH’s rental program may become for sale. The Real Estate Broker has been instructed by the office of CROH that they are not to show these properties while occupied by guest(s) without the consent from guest(s). The office of CROH may contact guest(s) to authorize a viewing, guest(s) do not have to allow prospective buyers into the property. If for any reason a Licensed Real Estate Broker or Sales Person shows up at property unannounced, guest(s) do not have to allow them entry, and guest(s) shall tell the unannounced party to contact the office of Cabin Rentals of Helen immediately. If property sells prior to a guest(s) arrival and is no longer in the rental program, please refer to the previous “AVAILABILITY” policy.


All trash should be bagged and placed in provided containers at each property. Please do not throw un-bagged garbage into containers. If a “bear proof” garbage container is on property, please make sure garbage is secured by using the container correctly and locking it. Misuse may lead bears to scatter trash. A $50 penalty will be charged for excess trash beyond the property's garbage capabilities or scattered trash on property.


The cabins are not child proof. Extreme caution must be used when children are occupying the premises and especially playing outside. An adult must always supervise children playing outside near wooded areas, roads, elevated decks, around hot tubs, waterways, fire pits/fireplaces and any other unstable unfamiliar area. It is the sole responsibility of the guest(s) to watch after a child that is on the property and all children must be on the Registered Guest List, regardless of age.


You are choosing to travel to the beautiful North Georgia Mountains.Many properties are in remote,wooded areas which provide privacy and scenicviews. There will be no refunds or rate reductions due to any natural elements relating to being in the North Georgia mountains including the following: mosquitoes, biting gnats, lady bugs,scorpions,spiders, flies,moths, palmetto bugs, general flying insects,chiggers, lizards, racoons, deer, snakes,bears and any other animal or insect that calls the North Georgia Mountains home. Caution should be taken when hiking. CROH recommends guest(s) to bring mosquito/bug repellent. Do not leave food & consumables unattended overnight or food in garbage containers outside. This will attract bears and other wildlife. If guest(s) have an issue with pests or wildlife at the property, please contact the CROH office. Management will do its best to try and remedy the situation, however guest(s) understand that any pests and wildlife are certainly beyond the control of the Owner or CROH. Please do not feed bears or any other wildlife you may encounter.


Each property has a cleaning fee. The cleaning fee amounts are relative to the cabin, not to how many guests are on the reservation. The cleaning fee is not refundable. The cleaning fee does not allow the guest(s) to leave property in an unsanitary condition of any kind. Guest(s) acknowledge also that it is the guest(s) responsibility to ensure that all items on “Check Out List” are completed prior to guest(s) departure from property. The “Check Out List” is provided to each Reservation Holder at time the guest(s) takes possession of property. If a guest(s) leaves property in an unsanitary condition, including signs of vomit or other bodily fluids; extra cleaning measures will be required from CROH staff and additional cleaning fees will be applied to the guest(s) account.


Electric Vehicle Charging IS NOT ALLOWED at any property managed by Cabin Rentals of Helen. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are not equipped at any property managed by Cabin Rentals of Helen, therefore, charging is not acceptable or allowed by any means. This is for the safety of our guests and homeowners. Extension Cords of any kind are not permitted for use to charge an electric vehicle. If any staff of Cabins Rentals of Helen finds establishes proof that any guest has attempted to charge an eclectic vehicle in this manner, a $500.00 Fee will be charged to the credit card we have on file for you and immediate eviction of the property will be enforced without the option of any type of refund to your card.


Cabin Rentals of Helen or Property Owners will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items. If CROH staff find any item left at property, Management will email the main guest on the reservation one time to notify the item has been found. Cabin Rentals of Helen will mail abandoned property at guest expense. Please allow up to (7) days of missing item inquiry, to receive confirmation from CROH. If a gun is left at the property and taken into possession by CROH staff or representative, the guest(s) will be notified by the Cabin Rentals of Helen what local FFL Dealer the gun was brought to. All guns will be brought to a local FFL Dealer or police department. It is solely the guest(s) responsibility to contact FFL Dealer and organize shipping & payments. CROH will notify local authorities if any illegal drugs or paraphernalia are found on property. CROH will give local authorities guest(s) contact information. Prescription drugs left on property will be immediately disposed of without notification to guest(s). Any unclaimed abandoned property will be donated or thrown away by CROH after thirty (30) days of guest(s) departure.


Upon submission, guest(s) are authorizing Cabin Rentals of Helen to bill charges relating to the rental and use of property. Guest(s) accepts the responsibility and understands all liability and costs associated with damage due to guest(s) and their visitor’s negligence, misuse of property and/or missing items. Additional charges will be billed to the guest(s) credit card on file. All credit card sales are final. Guest(s) understands and agrees to the Cancellation Policy and Refund Policy outlined herein. Any Further notices or additional information will be provided upon arrival. The completion of the Rental Agreement and the Credit Card Authorization Form will be required before guest check in or allowed on property. To confirm a reservation, initial and sign the Digital Rental Agreement where prompted. Once guest(s) accept all terms by initial and signature, continue to click the submit icon. The Rental Agreement & Credit Card Authorization Form must be completed and received by the Cabin Rentals of Helen office before Guest(s) are allowed access to property.